What is Chatbot ? How it works and darkside

By | August 1, 2018
Chatbots – called “conversation agents” – are software applications that mimic the spoken or written human speech for the purpose of simulating conversation or conversation like a real person. Visitors have two primary ways of offering Chatbot.

Today, Chatbot is usually used in the customer care space, while accepting traditionally living roles, people like Tier-1 support operators and customer satisfaction representatives breathe.

The conversation agents are becoming partially more partly due to the fact that obstacles to entering chatbots are becoming increasingly unnecessary.

What is Chatbot ? How it works and darkside

Today, you can create your own Chatbot that you can use in Facebook Messenger.

For example – without any computer science degree or even a very long coding experience – and there are many sites that have simple drag Provides the ability to create a primary chatbot using the End-Drop Drop Interface.

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How to Chatbot works?

Chatbot process the text presented by the user (a process called “parsing”), according to a complex series of algorithms, before the user responds, the meaning of what the user said and what he means.

And or want, and set a series of appropriate reactions based on this information.

Some chatbots provide a remarkably authentic conversation experience, in which it is very difficult to determine whether the agent is a bot or a human or not.

It is very easy to spot others (like T-600 series of killer robots in popular Terminator Sci-Fi action films)

Dark Side of Chatbots

Earlier, I made a laughing joke in the context of the Terminator Movie franchise, in which an artificial intelligence known as Skynet becomes aware itself and considers mankind as the greatest threat to its existence, through which the global nuclear war Launching missiles in the cities around the world by pre-launching their orders.

If you have not seen any of the Terminator films from some wonders, then the first two are excellent, but I will strongly recommend steering clear of the subsequent entries in the franchisee.

Skynet’s pop-culture references and upcoming “war against machines” is probably a bit common in the articles about AIl.

One of the other posts about Larry’s Google Rankbrain technology, but to some degree about the unpredictable side Raise uncomfortable questions, increasingly developing sophisticated AI structures – which include harmful chatbots.

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