Top 5 Tech Trends | That Will Dominate in 2018-2019

By | July 31, 2018

The way I see it, there are five major technological trends in 2018 which we are in the store. If you are looking at an area in which to start a business, then any of these is a very good condition.  Top 5 Tech Trends | That Will Dominate in 2018-2019

Top 5 Tech Trends | That Will Dominate in 2018-2019

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1. Machine Learning

In the past few years, machine learning has moved on a somewhat larger scale, even Google’s core search engine algorithms are emerging to increase and support.

But then, we have seen it in limited boundaries only.

During 2018, I feel that the machine learning update emerges-

  • which enter into any type of consumer application that you can think of
  • by offering better recommended products based on pre-purchase history, analytics To improve the app’s user experience gradually.

Machine learning will not last for a long time before becoming a “new normal”, as people of all types of artificial intelligence expecting this kind of technology as every form of technology. tech trends

2.Managed Big Data

Data has been a major subject since the past five years, when he started making headlines as a buzzword.

The idea is that large quantities of collected data – which we now have – can help us with everything from planning better medical treatment to execute better marketing campaigns. tech trends

But the biggest strength of large data – its quantitative, numerical foundation is also a weakness.
3.Everything on demand

Thanks to brands like Uber, people are being used to keep everything on the phone through the phone app. In 2018.

Thousands of apps are available for us to get a place for riding, food delivery and even for the night to stay, but soon we will also develop it in strangers area.

Nobody in the technical industry knows that the predictions about the future course of technology, even for one year, is a practice in vain.  tech trends

Wonders can come from many different directions, and it was announced that the development would rarely be released.

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4.IOT & Smart Home Tech

We are hearing about the upcoming revolution of Internet-off-Things (IOT), and as a result, the interactivity of smart home technology has taken place over the years.

So what’s the holdup? Why are we not all still in smart, connected homes?

Part of the problem is not very competing, there are many different tools and apps in the market, along with adequate support.

But some solutions are to be simultaneously integrated into the intuitive user experience.  tech trends


Marketers (mostly) will be pleased to know that automation will become a complete mainstay and in the whole of 2018.

Enables the automation of pre-human-specific tasks with advanced technology.

We have a robotic journalist in circulation for a few years, and I hope they will not be long before they make another leap in more practical types of articles.

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