Gain Instagram Real Followers

How to Gain Instagram Real Followers Free Tricks

Gain Instagram Real Followers?Today we will talk about how to increase the real followers in the number of thousands on the Instagram. How can thousands of likes increase on a post?

So first of all we want to give you a warning. Friends, whatever we tell you, you will not use it much. Do not think that you will do a lot of work in a day, as if you had to like 100 photos in one day, then you should just like 100 photos If you do more like photos, then it will be the loss of you. If you do this, Instagram will block you soft.

Gain Instagram Real Followers

1. Like

Gain Instagram Real Followers?

Here you have to do all the rest of the photos that you see on Instagram, we know this thing well that you have to use lots of hashtags such as #LikeForLike, #followforfollow, #LikeForFollow, #gainrealfollowers etc. to increase liking and followers on the Instagram. Be aware of the famous hashtags. And we will not tell you to use these hashtags and will not even say that you like these hashtags and like the photos of them.

Let’s say if your profession is photography……

You publish photos related to photography on your Instagram, then you should use such hashtags that are related to the photography and follow the people whose profession is photography. By doing both of this process likes and followers will grow faster on your posts.

This method can be applied to any of your profession. If you want followers in digits, then this will not be beneficial for you. That’s why we advise you to like your photos related to your profession and follow similar hashtags and people. One thing you must keep in mind is that you like 100-125 photos in one hour, do not like more photos than this.

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2. Comment

Now you have liked all of those photos, as well as you also take care of special photos which are recommended for the comments. One thing to note is that the comment is related to that photo, do not do anything unnecessary and do not copy the same comment on different photos, you can become a spammer, by doing so, the person and community will not be attracted, which will not be beneficial for you.

Suppose you liked 100-125 photos, you can comment on 30-35 photos that are related to them. Do not comment on 20-30 photos in 1 hour, otherwise you may have trouble.

3. Follow

Gain Instagram real followers you will have to follow other people. Friends, you have to follow a lot of people. But do not follow more than 100 people in 1 hour. Friends, you must have read a lot of places that you have to follow a prominent person like Vevo – Vevo is a music company and there are so many artists related to them, then you will go to Vevo and follow Vevo and who is the following which is estimated to be 1000.

So, if you click on the following

then you will find many famous music artists like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihana or India can also have some artists. So some people say that you follow the big people and then after 1 hour they make them unfollow. According to us, you should not do this, you have to follow the same people whom you know that their profession is related to your profession.

Suppose that there is a photographer with 200 followers, then this is 200 followers, then we know this thing very well whether it is its friend or this is the person who is interested in photography, and for this reason, Followed.

So now friends, we will follow those people and follow them all. Always keep one thing that do not follow more than 100 people in 1 hour. If you follow those people then there is a lot of chances that they will follow you. And such a followers will be your real followers who will like your future post.

4. Unfollow

Now the third number to gain Instagram real followers but when you follow 100-125 people or 200-300 people all throughout the day. Suppose, you followed 200-300 people in the previous day, you can now 100 or 200 people out of 200-300 followers in the next day.

If you want to remain a follower for whom you want to follow, then do not unfollow them. But you can unfollow more and more people.(Gain Instagram Real Followers) We are asking you to do this one day later because every person has to give time to check that he can return to you and follow you back and then you can unfollow him.

5. Comment Reply

Friends, if you have any comments on your post, then you must reply to it. A lot of comments will come from people who do not even follow you when you react to their comments, then this thing will surely come to you that a lot of people start follow back to you and that’s not what friends do when you reply So if your visibility and your engagement go a bit, then your followers can also come from the same thing.

6. Upload Frequently

Gain Instagram Real Followers?

You should upload the post regularly, however, we surely believe that if you upload a post daily, it is very good for your Instagram profile and we also understand that everyone It does not have much time nearby.

So if you post it in 2 or 3 days, it will be enough, do not do this thing at all, which is seen on many profiles that some people upload 4 or 5 posts simultaneously and finish the whole week’s work. But it does not happen that friends, this thing will not help you.

You have to upload only one post at a time and seeing your popularity, you upload the post within 5 or 6 hours of the day. You can also upload 2 or 3 posts in a day, but you will not upload more than 3 posts, because according to the research, if you upload more than 2 or more than 3 posts, then your Instagram account’s engagement comes down .

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7. Profile Description

You can fill your profile description well. If you have any YouTube channel or if you have a website then you must share the link. If you have lots of followers and if you want people to contact you for any collaboration or for any promotion, then you definitely do a Mention in the description. So that people can understand what you actually do.


(Gain Instagram Real Followers)

Whenever you upload a post, you have a proper caption that is a descriptive of that upload and you should use a lot of Relevant hashtags. If you are famous then you can create your own hashtags which later become famous by itself. But if you are new then we know very well that whatever you want to find is that it is ” like”.

You want you to get more like on your post and for this thing, you have some well known hashtags that you can use them.(Gain Instagram Real Follower)

There are so many tools, lots of websites and many applications that can tell you about them. One of the best tools that can give you current updates about popular


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