Google Continuously Tracks People’s Location

By | August 22, 2018

Google collects and stores location information, even when users stop their location services.

GOOGLE is tracking your every step.

An Associated Press investigation has shown that many Google services store user’s location information on the iPhone and Android devices even though the user has explicitly enabled the privacy setting, which says it does not prevent Google from doing so.

Google Continuously Tracks People's Location

To use Google Maps app, Google Maps, users have to allow their access to their location on their smartphone.Google Continuously Tracks People’s Location 

Once a person allows the company to track their location over time, Google Maps will create a “timeline” of a person’s whereabouts, which maps their daily movements.

In creating this timeline, Google is recording and storing, a minute-to-minute record of a person’s location gives rise to serious privacy concerns.

However, the AP stated that Google will “stop” these location services in a setting called Location History.

To stop location services, Google says that the company will not be able to store the user’s location.

According to Google, “Controls what has been saved in your Location History … You can turn off Location History at any time. With Location History turned off, the places you go to are no longer stored . ”

However, the AP said that it is not entirely true. Even when location history is paused, select Google apps automatically store time-printed location data without permission.

When a person just launches the Google Maps app, then the company records and stores its location.

Google Continuously Tracks People’s Location

Daily weather updates on Android smartphones also estimate the location of a person.

In addition, according to the AP, search for things related to search within Google, such as recipes or online shopping, point to a person’s longitude and latitude.

Then all this information is saved in that user’s Google account.

Although it is possible to delete all this information, the task is difficult.

In AP reports, there are approximately two billion users of the device running Google’s Android operating software.

There are also millions of iPhone users running Google Maps and Google Search.

The key to preventing Google from tracking every step closes a setting that is not explicitly related to the location.

Google blocks Web & App Activity, which is enabled by default and stores information from websites and other apps with Location History, will prevent the company from saving location markers.

Preventing Location History only prevents Google from creating a timeline.

Despite some confusion on company practices, Google told AP that it clearly describes them.

Google spokesman told AP, “There are many different ways that Google can use the location to improve the experience of people, including: Location History, Web and App Activity, and device-level location services. I through.”

“We provide clear details of these tools, and strong controls so that people can turn them on or off and delete their history at any time.”

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