Google Closes Add URLs in its Search Engine

By | July 28, 2018
Google has discontinued the public law to make the add URL under its Webmaster Tools this week.”Google Closes Add URLs”

Google say, “We have to stop the Google Webmaster Ad URL feature.”

Search console not say why it was necessary to shut it down. Perhaps Google believed that this was causing both spam issues and misuse.

Webmaster said, “we will continue to add your URL’s through common tools and directly through sitemaps in the search console.”

Google Closes Add URLs in its Search Engine

Google Closes Add URLs in its Search Engine

Google Webmaster – Google said on Twitter that they are informing about new updates to the public URL ad submission that now these options have new technology available to index a new Google site.

If you want to add your website or post, then you can find fetch as available in the Search Console.

You have to use Google and submit the page or website that you want to index on Google or you need to add a Sitemap file feed to find and do a console.

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What is Fetch as Google and How to Use?

You must have a Google Search Console that is a Google Web Master Account, after which you have to add and verify the website from the Google Search Console.

Google Closes Add URLs in its Search Engine

What is fetch as google

After using this option, you will be successfully verified.

Log in to your Google Webmaster, Search Console account and navigate to the “Fetch As Google” option available under the “Crawl” section.

Add a URL of the website or post, or leave the box blank to fetch your website’s home page.

Here the add URL is the one you want to submit, here some content has been changed.

Select Google bot type as “desktop” and click on the “get” button.

Lots of online services say that Google can give this tool again to its users.”Google Closes Add URLs”


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