What is Google Classroom? Benefits of google classroom

By | July 30, 2018
Google Classroom is a free collaboration tool for all students and teachers.Teachers can create an online classroom for students, invite students into the classroom online, and then deliver assignments.

First of all, talks about assignments within Google Classroom and teachers can be tracked and teachers can track student progress.

To use classes, schools must register for a free Google Apps for Education Account.

Class characteristics
Under the google class app, students and teachers have access to features that are not found in individual Google accounts.

For example, in the form, teachers can add images to questions or as multiple choice answers.

What is Google Classroom?

Inbox by Gmail is classified as Gmail, and it’s easy to find important updates and highlights for teachers and students.

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Also, Classroom Tools allows teachers to filter the subject, and organise the class stream by adding specific topics for teachers and students to the stream. (Google Classroom)
Google Classroom also promotes parental involvement Teachers can invite parents to Google Classroom to share the summary of student work and get automated email summaries of student work and class announcements.
Summary of Google Classroom Features include the following:
  • Connects Trainers with Students
  • Facilitates making classrooms and inviting learners
  • Helps deliver the assignment to the trainers
  • Facilitates communication between trainers and students
  • Allows teachers to create, review, and mark assignments.
  • Allow students to view assignments, documents and class content in one place.

Classroom is part of Google’s education (create a google classroom)

Core products that create Google for Education Suite include Classes, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Vault, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, and Hangouts.

Unlike a personal Google Account, the Class app is available only for teachers, email is available on a school’s domain, the apps are free from ad and support is provided free of charge.


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