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neilswisdomNeils IQ website (“Site”) is an online information service provided by all types of social media and knowledge (“Neils IQ”), which is subject to compliance with the terms and conditions outlined below. Before reaching or using the site, please read this document carefully.

By accessing or using the Site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you are not bound by these terms and conditions, then you can not access or use the site. Neils Intelligence can modify this agreement at any time, and such amendments will be effective immediately after the amended agreement on the site.

You agree to review the contract to know about such amendments and your continued access or use of the site will be rejected by your findings of the amended agreement.

1. Copyright, License and Idea Submissions.

The entire content of the site is protected by international copyright and trademark laws. Copyright and Trademark Owner Neils Wisdom, its affiliates or other third parties are licensed You may not modify, copy, submit, publish, upload, post, transmit or distribute content on any Site including any Manager, Text, Graphics, Code and / or can do Software.

You can completely print and download portions of the material from different areas of the site for your own non-commercial use provided you agree not to change or remove any copyright or proprietary notice from the content.

You must make Neils with the right to display a non-specific, royalty-free, worldwide, continuous license, sub-license, reproduce, distribute, dispatch, create derivative works publicly and publicly; Agree to execute any material and other information (inherent consideration for new or better products and services, without limitation) in public sector (e.g. Bulletin boards, forums and newsgroups) or through any medium and e-mail knowledge, any media presented by Neils has now been known or later developed.

You also give the right to use your name in connection with all information, marketing and promotional materials related to the content and related information, which you submit to Nils Wisdom. You agree that you will not have any support for any alleged or actual violation of Nils Buddha or any proprietary rights of Niels Intelligence.

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Referenced on the site or on the site, products, materials or services are specific programs or service marks of Neil Wisdom.

2. Use the site.

You understand that, to be clearly identified about the information, products or ideas supplied by Neils Wisdom, controls or supports any information, products or drives in any way.

Information about Neils intelligence- Information, products or services identified on the site or the Internet, all information, products and sharing offered on the Internet are generally presented by third parties.

You also understand that Neils can not guarantee or guarantee the files available for download via Wisdom site, it is free from infection or other code for viruses, worms, Trojan horses or corrupt or destructive properties.

To keep the site’s external means in place for the problem of data input and output and to rebuild any lost data, you are responsible for implementing enough procedures and care to fulfill your particular special .

You are receiving total responsibility and risk for the use of the site and the internet.

Neils intellect site and related information is provided “as is” and is not included in any express or implied warranties, topics or parties (title or title of violation, without warranties, or business-related fitness or fitness warranties for a particular purpose Including) service, service or any business information or service normally provided on the Internet, and any cost or any other information Such transactions will not be any costs or indeed wise for damage caused indirectly originated from. It is your responsibility to fully service or offer the ability, completeness and use of all the options, advice, opinions, business and other information provided on the Internet. Neil is not intelligent that the service was defective or error-free or fault defects in the service.

You understand that the composite materials are included in the net structure of the Internet, some are definitely available or may be appropriate for you. You have at your risk for such content. Neil intellect is not controlled and does not take responsibility for such material.

limit of liability

There is no desire for intelligence in any event (i) No limited service to exit any casual, climate, or indirect loss (loss of profit, loss of loss, limited loss, loss of programs, information, and so on) Or any information, or transaction provided on the Service, or download from the Service, or the inability or inability to access or use such information or service. Regardless of whether Neil Wisdom or its authorized accidents have been advised of the possibility of such loss, or (ii) any claims worthy of comments, orders or other mandatory requirements downloaded through the service and / or content through the service Not there.

Because some states do not allow the limit of liability or limit for accidental or accidental damage, the above limitation may not apply to you. In such a situation, Neil Wisdom is limited to the greatest limit of law by law.


Niels Wisdom is not to give any other website any rules you can do through this or that may link to this site. When you use a non-Niels intellect website, please understand that Nils is independent of intelligence, and Niels intelligence has no control over the content on that website. Also, a link to a Niels Wisdom website is not that Niels Wisdom supports or accepts any of the website’s content, or any responsible for its use.

3. Damage attribute.

Indemnification of all the harm, expense, damage and cost including reasonable attorney’s fees and afterwards, to the service service, harmful Neil’s intelligence, officers, directors, employees, agents, licenses, suppliers and any other third party information project to compensate, You agree to , The consequences of any violation (including negligence or misconduct by you or any other person who has reached the Service.

4.Term; Termination.

This agreement can be terminated at any time at any time without any notice for any reason.