What is Digital Marketing? Resources & Tricks

By | June 27, 2018


Mastering all these 10 digital marketing skills, you can chart a successful carrier in this attractive and fast-changing domain. Digital marketing has largely influenced most industries.

What is Digital Marketing? Resources & Tricks

1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Understanding the fundamental principles that are necessary to become a great digital marketer and this an area which most digital marketers ignore. Understanding the Digital Marketing fundamental means understanding the entire consumer decision journey.BY a consumer decision journey i mean understanding how consumer thinks and buys product.

For example this are the stages consumer goes through well buying a product which are aware this concentration and purchase. A lets you have to buy a car the first step to required to buy a car is being aware about the brands you need to buy a car from. the second step would be evaluating a set of brands and then choosing one of those to finally come to a decision.

In fact, the last step will be taking the action to buy the car. Now accrossley each of this stages the consumer goes through a lot of thought processes in his head. It is important for every stage to understand the consumer, a marketer whom we want to call the funnel, which is the top of the funnel, the mid funnel and the bottom funnel.

2 & 3. Ace Advertising Channels

The second and the third skill you need is how to (Digital Marketing) Ace Advertising Channels, paid and organic! lets talk about the first Ads of the channel which is the paid advertising channels. The one which gives you marketing ads sleepless nights. Multiple paid advertising channels across the funnel Facebook , google, re-marketing, e-mails, display whole lots of buzz words which you did of hurt.

It is important to know each of these channels and understand where they are applied in the funnel. We need to understand how Facebook advertising runs and run manual campaigns of Facebook you need to understand how users searches for a particular product on google and how can you advertising google using Ad-words and you need to master that channel . For the users from already visit on your website you need to understand the re-marketing channel.

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As you see in lot of panels after you visit a product in a particular website and you see them everywhere. How does it happens that happens to re-marketing? You need to understand that channel really well to make the customers cut word. So that the whole lot of paid marketing channels which you need to master so that you are able to spend your money in the right way and in the most efficient manner.

As well as let’s talk about the second set of channel now which are the organic channels, the one which makes you a marketing and happy. Which are the free channels SEO, content, social, PR we will have to master of all this channels for you to get free traffic on your website.

Similarly, you need to understand the basics of SEO fundamental, you need to understand how content delivers great consumer experience, you need to understand how can you use social media for engagement and you need to understand how to hack PR. All the skills are required for you to become a great digital marketer which you Digital Marketing head loves.

4. Channel Strategy

Now the fourth skill you need which we consider very important is understanding the channel strategy. Now let’s take an example here-” let’s say you are an IPL auction manager your job is to make the most out of your money.What you need to understand which player is the most efficient and will make the most efficient use of your money too”. Let’s say you have a player who has a top batsman which costs a lot and the same time he makes a lot of runs also.

Let’s say you have on the other end of bowler who is not so expensive but at the same time he deliver a descent result. You need to balance all this out at the same time you need to maintain cost and at on the other end you need to deliver Arroy. Similarly, as a digital marketer you need to know which channels are expensive but at the same time will get you more result while the mustly some channels which are not so expensive but gives you medium results.

There might be some other channels which are really expensive but at the same time they do have any Arroy.This are three-four pillars you need to understand for you to make a robbers digital marketing strategy and if you want to move from a digital marketer to digital head this is the most important skills required.

5. Communication

Communication is an X-factor in Digital Marketing travel to become a superb digital marketer as well as you need to be a terrific reporter. Let’s take an example here of Nike-“what do you see the Nike hoarding when you go out. I’ll shout out loud saying just to wait. What you see when Nike advertises on internet,they will advertise the content, they will advertise fitness, they will evangelise running.

What do you see when you go in the Nike stores most comfortable sole ever made and you see the difference here ,top of the funnel they talking about just to it mid funnel they are talking about athleticism, fitness, bottom of the funnel they are talking about the actual product. As a digital marketer, you need to think about it. Various communication layers and different levels of consumer travel.

6. Data Driven Marketing

Data is the biggest tool in your Digital Marketing journey to become a digital marketer. First of you need to understand where does your data lie. There are multiple sources where your data will reside.It will be in your Google Analytics, it will be in the Customer Reference Number (CRN), it will be with the sales team. There are so many places where your data is distributed and it’s present.

As a marketer you need to know where is the data which you looking for. Secondly what data you looking for. You need to be sure of the made resist you want to track and point you want to capture. Once you get this data the biggest thing of all is to how will you analyse this data. What are the insights to take this data?

7. Technical Skills

Now this is an area when most digital marketer struggle for every small little thing you need to go back to their engineering technology teams. For example-“If you need to make a landing page you will have to go back to your designer to make the design of the page. Do you have front end developer to make the HTML of the page and to the engineering manager to develop the back end for the page.

NOW,if you dependent of this guys it will take you full of a time to deliver the project and this is important that you become self dependent learn basic technical skills CSS, HTML, Word press, SQL Etc. and they will take you long way in your digital marketing journey”.

8. Product Marketing

As well as, you need to understand the four piece of Digital Marketing which are related to product which is the product features, price, place, promotion you need to understand the distribution channel behind the product you need to understand the promotions mechanisms and product itself which is the features of the products and the benefits of the product. If as the digital marketer you understand the product so well that will really you in making a campaign successful and out last the other marketers in the market.

9. Project Management

It’s important that you understand the basics of project management set your priorities right know how to use the time,know how to interact with people and get the most out of time.As the marketer this could be your another tool in your kit. As a marketer this could be a significant addition to your skill sets.

10. Experimentation & passion

In short, this is a bonus and our personal favorite experimentation and passion. As a digital marketer, you really need to be curious, you need to experiment a lot and you should be very passionate about digital marketing. Digital marketing changes so much in no time that you need to make sure that you learn everything and keep learning. After all, you need to good really passionate about Digital Marketing.You will have to keep patience about what you want to do.

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