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Google Continuously Tracks People’s Location

Google collects and stores location information, even when users stop their location services. GOOGLE is tracking your every step. An Associated Press investigation has shown that many Google services store user’s location information on the iPhone and Android devices even though the user has explicitly enabled the privacy setting, which says it does not prevent… Read More »

What is Chatbot ? How it works and darkside

Chatbots – called “conversation agents” – are software applications that mimic the spoken or written human speech for the purpose of simulating conversation or conversation like a real person. Visitors have two primary ways of offering Chatbot. Today, Chatbot is usually used in the customer care space, while accepting traditionally living roles, people like Tier-1… Read More »

Top 5 Tech Trends | That Will Dominate in 2018-2019

The way I see it, there are five major technological trends in 2018 which we are in the store. If you are looking at an area in which to start a business, then any of these is a very good condition.  Top 5 Tech Trends | That Will Dominate in 2018-2019 Top 5 Tech Trends | That… Read More »

What is information technology ? Definition of information technology

In the article of Harvard Business Review, 1958, the information technology has been referenced, including three basic parts: computational data processing, decision support, and business software.What is information technology ? Definition of information technology The period of time marks the beginning of IT as well as the officially defined area of ​​trade; In fact, this… Read More »

How Does the Internet Work | Know about it right now

The development of the Internet has become explosive and it seems impossible to avoid the continuous bombardment of the heard on the radio, is heard on the radio, and is seen in magazines. Since the internet has become such a big part of our lives, a good understanding is required to use this new… Read More »

Android Developer Tutorial learn detailed

The Android Developer Fundamentals are the instructor-led courses created by the Google Developer Training Team. Developers who take courses learn basic Android programming concepts and create different types of apps, let’s start from Hello World and do their job to apps using content providers and loaders. About this course Course materials include: 1. A Practical… Read More »