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Who will win in the General Election of India in 2019?

All major surveys conducted in India this year have predicted that the Modi government, without any hassle, will be responsible for the maintenance of the throne. There is no doubt in it and I want to add that BJP is easily successful in securing more than 300 seats. There are two reasons for this. First… Read More »

Facebook shares fall 19 percent, after privacy concerns

Social media giant shares, the most widely organised in the country, Facebook shares fall 19%…. Facebook warned that its rapid growth among user privacy concerns and other disputes is slow. The stock fell to $ 176.26 per share from $ 41.24, which reduces Facebook‘s total share market value of $ 120 billion and reduces it to… Read More »

Social media marketing | A Step-by-Step Guide

Social media marketing is the fastest growing trend in the history around the world. Social media marketing sector has grown faster than the Internet itself. Within the first eleven years of being publicly available, the search engine managed to gather roughly 1.2 billion users. If you think it is fast to reach almost one in… Read More »

How to Gain Instagram Real Followers Free Tricks

Gain Instagram Real Followers?Today we will talk about how to increase the real followers in the number of thousands on the Instagram. How can thousands of likes increase on a post? So first of all we want to give you a warning. Friends, whatever we tell you, you will not use it much. Do not… Read More »