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Why is the sky blue? NASA Scientific American

To understand why the sky is blue, we should consider the nature of the sunlight and how it interacts with the gas molecules that make up our atmosphere. The sunlight, which is white for human eyes, is a mixture of all the colors of the rainbow. Why is the sky blue? NASA For many purposes, sunlight… Read More »

What is SIM Swap Fraud? Be Careful From This

SIM Swap Fraud is spreading like a virus in the market. In which case the SIM is allotted to you, the number which is allotted to you, the SIM will be switched off, it will be swapped, its duplicate will be made. By cloning the hacker will have SIM allot of the same number. If… Read More »

7 Free Awesome Tools to Rank No.1 in Google SEO Tips

You want number #1 on google. How do you think you do? Most people say you build a links, most people say you need a do on page SEO but where do you start! Hey everyone Neils Wisdom will show you 7 Free Awesome Tools to Rank #1 in google. Tool #1– Quick Sprout Analyzer… Read More »