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Who will win in the General Election of India in 2019?

All major surveys conducted in India this year have predicted that the Modi government, without any hassle, will be responsible for the maintenance of the throne. There is no doubt in it and I want to add that BJP is easily successful in securing more than 300 seats. There are two reasons for this. First… Read More »

Google Continuously Tracks People’s Location

Google collects and stores location information, even when users stop their location services. GOOGLE is tracking your every step. An Associated Press investigation has shown that many Google services store user’s location information on the iPhone and Android devices even though the user has explicitly enabled the privacy setting, which says it does not prevent… Read More »

What is Chatbot ? How it works and darkside

Chatbots – called “conversation agents” – are software applications that mimic the spoken or written human speech for the purpose of simulating conversation or conversation like a real person. Visitors have two primary ways of offering Chatbot. Today, Chatbot is usually used in the customer care space, while accepting traditionally living roles, people like Tier-1… Read More »

Visa Card vs. MasterCard vs American Express – Which is the best?

As the credit card associations of the card. Whether it’s a visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. Is any of these better than others? Do they offer different types of benefits? Is there any difference between all 3? Visa Card vs. MasterCard vs American Express – Which is the best?? Payment Bank vs. Payment Network… Read More »

What is Google Classroom? Benefits of google classroom

Google Classroom is a free collaboration tool for all students and teachers.Teachers can create an online classroom for students, invite students into the classroom online, and then deliver assignments. First of all, talks about assignments within Google Classroom and teachers can be tracked and teachers can track student progress. To use classes, schools must register… Read More »

Facebook shares fall 19 percent, after privacy concerns

Social media giant shares, the most widely organised in the country, Facebook shares fall 19%…. Facebook warned that its rapid growth among user privacy concerns and other disputes is slow. The stock fell to $ 176.26 per share from $ 41.24, which reduces Facebook‘s total share market value of $ 120 billion and reduces it to… Read More »