7 Free Awesome Tools to Rank No.1 in Google SEO Tips

By | June 21, 2018

You want number #1 on google. How do you think you do? Most people say you build a links, most people say you need a do on page SEO but where do you start! Hey everyone Neils Wisdom will show you 7 Free Awesome Tools to Rank #1 in google.

7 Free Awesome Tools to Rank No.1 in Google SEO Tips

Tool #1Quick Sprout Analyzer

Quick Sprout Analyzer is a free tool, you get it from quicksprout.com you putting your URL its gamified SEO application. I want to tell you breakdown all of the things that are wrong even work in through how fix step by step for example-

“if you not putting in the right keyword in your tittle tag, in your description or in your all image tags, Quick Sprout tell you and you just on click about any even shows you which keywords add where” and you know what the cool part about Quick Sprout is if you not technical and you wanna Publishes changes you don’t need a codding Quick Sprout can publishes all for you.

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Tool #2- Yoast SEO plugin

If you using word press is a Yoast SEO plugin. It’s one of our favorite tool as a free version and a paid version. I perceive use as a paid version but you can choose what you want both are amazing now with yours SEO plugin. Every time you publish blog post, it will give you a score and tell you how can you do a tittle tag in your meta description.You can picked up different keywords and show search engine something different than what you show users.

Cool part about Yoast SEO plugin is you can optimize each and every single word on your blog post to get maximum amount of traffic. A sitemap automatically teaches you every time you issue your blog post.

Tool #3- Google Search Console

Now with the Google Search Console every time you publish your new blog post page you’re of XML sitemap. The XML sitemap is probably gonna be a created by the Yoast plugin that’s why we use this and most of the experts are also.

Search console shows you how many impressions you getting and clicks you getting which page is popular and even shows you which keyword you getting a lot of impressions for but not a lot a clicks you can then go on optimizer content by adding those keywords and adjusting your title tag, your meta description and including crudites keywords and maximize your click to read.

Tool #4- Google Trends

Let’s see there is a car industry and there are a General motor and BMW. They both have millions of dollars spent on SEO, they both have millions of back links. How does google know should you rank general motors or BMW, well one of the factors with a google is brand queries and google trends shows you this as you can see BMW is more popular than General motors.

So many people tapping in BMW and All other SEO factors are very similar to what they can do and they can rank one popular car maker near each other.

Tool #5- Websiteresponsivetest.com

Hey guys do you know more people are using Google from their mobile, tablets, desktop and the laptop that’s crazy but just think about it, phones these days are like big bang booms. It is very small but more powerful than old computers.

So you wanna make sure your website is responsive and people on mobile devices can load your website extremely fast, and using this free tool we don’t show how other websites and mobile visitors are seeing your website.

Tool #6 Screaming frog

Screaming frog is a super technical SEO optimization tool you putting your URL and it shows you every short thing that is wrong front titles to headings to the keyword to links. It analyses every short thing from the super advanced technical framework. So make sure you checkout Screaming frog.

Tool #7– Google Page Speed Insides

Google Page Speed Insides shows how fast your website loads and if it loads slow that’s okay. The breakdown a list that shows what you need to improve both for desktop devices and mobile device, so that way your website can load extremely fast because here’s a thing if someone is on your website and its loading slow because these days more people are using mobile phones.

what do you think you can do? you can a lead show their fast internet connections and LTE and 4G but you know what guys some areas still have shady reception so make sure your website loads extremely fast.

Check out those 7 Free Awesome Tools to Rank #1 in google SEO Optimization Tips to Skyrocket they work really very good and they will definitely help you to rank #1 on Google.

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